I been Defaced

© Chas Williams 

(I noticed recently that one or two who used to send me stuff no longer do so. (Note-For some reason- I think this sounds better read in a West Indian accent- go on- you can do it!!)

I been defaced…
I been deleted from de book!
At least that way it seem to be
De last time that I look

Yes- him what done de scratchin’
Decided that he must..
Deface de face what did not fit…
and so i bit de dust!

And though I hardly know him
And barely know his name
i feel deep down we best of friend
And i miss him just the same.

And I miss the daily snapshot
Of everything he eat
What he say and what he think
Though sometimes he repeat

And now I got no photo
Of his thousand dog and cat
Life can be the same no more
When things turned off just like that!

i have to find another friend
What i can add into my book
So they can send me lotsa photo
Of how they used to look.

And when I find this person
I really try my best
To be a sharing caring soul
So…. I be waiting for request!

I been defaced…I been deleted from de book!


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