train ride

The Train Ride

train ride
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this resulted after taking our grand daughter to the miniature train playground at Halswell… everything was great… until the train started moving.  She then proceeded to scream for the entire trip!!!
Some exaggeration has been included… the heroics of Grandy Boy only occurred in his mind…

The Train Ride-© Chas Williams 

At first I thought it was really neat..-
I had my own compartment and a first class seat
So.. I sat right up front- where the driver sits
Just me and my Dad- he was thrilled to bits.


Mum was there too- with Nan and Boy
Along with.. I think.. my favourite toy
We’d no sooner sat down- enjoying the fun
When all hell let loose and things came undone.


We’d started off slowly.. but came a hiss and a roar
And I heard someone screaming and banging a door
Soon people were  shouting and beginning to plead
But we were racing down hill at a ridiculous speed



We flew around corners, down hills and through mud
The smoke was atrocious ( and don’t mention the blood)
I hung on for dear life and grabbed at Dad’s neck
But I could tell by his eyes he was a gibbering wreck


I looked back at Mum- but that was no use
She was holding up Nan- who was screaming abuse
And just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore
GRANDY BOY stood up.. and he raced to the door


He shut down the engine- and he pulled at the brake
And he kicked at the driver- who was FINALLY awake
We shuddered about until we screamed to a halt
And Dad glared at the Driver- as it was clearly his fault…


But before he could start… with a move brave and bold
Grandy Boy grabbed at the Driver… and he knocked him out cold!!!
It was all a bit risky..,. and too much of a strain….
Oh I don’t care what you think…. you can stick your old train!!!




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