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It feels like ten thousand years since I was wild and famous.
It’s amazing what a decade of Hungarian hen herding does for the sense of time & distance from my former glories- That is, from my time with Abe and the Slaves of Reason.

Good years they were,
it seems
they still are

Good years they were, it seems they still are: I’m humbled and tickled to find that not only is Abe and the Slaves being lapped up by today’s younger population, but also  our “solo” work under the Chas Williams pseudonym.

It seems the youth of today aren’t easily swayed by the marketing moguls and they know what they want. Evidently what they want is the familiar, the comforts of home with perhaps a little subversive questioning of the status quo from the sidelines. But it’s gotta be wrapped in fun.

it’s gotta be
in fun.

That could have been me, a million years ago. No wonder this new audience has gravitated to my tunes. I hope you like ’em too!

Chas pauses to remove his typist after the classic misspelling:
“Moron, the real man”.
Chas is certainly no braggart.


More on the real man

Chas Williams the bloke (me) emerged into the land of civilisation and great learning that  we now know as Tuatapere. 

Life down south was tough: we survived on a steady diet of lamb chops and rosary beads for many years….
…..WELL, I lived on a farm!

Like all kids, at one stage i thought i was going to be  an All Black.. but that all fell to bits when it became clearer that i wasn’t going to get much taller than four feet two inches…..
But at least I excelled at school … I think so anyway, as all the teachers lined up  and applauded when I left. Ican still see the relief on their collective faces.


Heh, but the real stuff can be just as funny: I took up playing piano at age 27- always wanted to play but didn’t have piano or a teacher growing up.  First lesson was with a lady so old she helped build the original piano I think…
…at the end of the lesson she gave me some home work and said “ if you get that right by next week I’ll give you a star”!!! she’d presumably been teaching kids for so long she didn’t spot the difference!!.  I found a new teacher immediately.

But WAIT. You’re here to read my blog, am I right? Why give the show away so soon…

How did ABE and the SLAVES of REASON end up as a bloke from Southland? How did he shift from the deep South to end up proclaiming poetry in the pleasant pastures of Prebbleton? How do Rosary beads rate in a nutritional analysis? What does famous fictional philospher De Selby have to say all about this?

AND….more importantly.. will De Selby be the man to direct some one from the music publishing world this way?

Tune in for more.
Oh, and buy the CD.





8 thoughts on “About the Bloke”

  1. I’ve always wanted to be learnt by a piano teacher who is growing up!
    Well done Abe, send more info on the beads and blues.
    Banjo Dylan

  2. Hi there, i had the priviledge to work with wings in nauru a few years ago . He mentioned his book then and even allowed me to read a few pages. I was wondering if the book has been finished ? i would really like to buy a copy so i can read all of what wings and his fellow warriors did in vietnam. Thanks, Stealthkiwi.

  3. My wife & i watched Shooting from the shadows and absolutely loved it, very touching. Well done my friend! Todd

  4. A minor correction to the historical narrative above – the bloke gave up all aspirations of being an All Black when he realised (did someone tell him?) that he wasn’t even the best rugby player in his own family,

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