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On the Edge of a Dream (August 22)

We’ve reached the 900th day…in the fortnight required….
to try to flatten the curve
But the people down here….man they’re really hard wired
and they’re grimly holding their nerve.


behind their steely resolve and a look of disdain
their eyes look remarkably dead
not helped i might add by the mask on their face
which damn near covers their head!

two eyes dart around as they walk down the street
and that’s about all you can see
so its hard to tell if they’re really that scared
but they look pretty worried to me.

said beady eyes at Dead Soul Books
the name of your shop is missing an R…
I thought… but instead i just gave him a look.

Once we wore gumboots… lived off the land…
made things from Number 8 wire
now we’re so weak we just shuffle about
Hiding our face like a liar

we’ve reached the 900th day…of the fortnight required…
in which to flatten the aaarrrgghhhh!

Shooting from the Shadows- full album

Shooting from the Shadows- full album

New Vid, old song! -The Horses Stay Behind

In World War One Australia and New Zealand shipped thousands of horses to the middle east.
When the fighting was over they were commanded to leave them behind… as the government “couldn’t afford to bring them back home.”.. As the troops had a low opinion of how the locals treated animals generally, most couldn’t bring themselves to leave the animals behind- especially after four years relying on the horse to survive. Check out The Broken Years- by Bill Gammage for the story. There’s a kiwi version of the story also but i can’t locate my book at this stage…..
Based on the poem by Trooper Bluegum