The Train Ride

train ride

this resulted after taking our grand daughter to the miniature train playground at Halswell… everything was great… until the train started moving.  She then proceeded to scream for the entire trip!!! Some exaggeration has been included… the heroics of Grandy
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 The Cleaner

This is a true story….. The Cleaner-© Chas Williams  My wife is starting to panic And..just maybe… losing the plot “I knew you’d both forget” she said “Youre a lazy blimmin’ lot.. Pick up those books-And hide those shoes Before
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I been Defaced

© Chas Williams  (I noticed recently that one or two who used to send me stuff no longer do so. (Note-For some reason- I think this sounds better read in a West Indian accent- go on- you can do it!!)
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