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The pastime of the scribbler.

Scribbling words onto a sheet of paper beats any other pastime bar one I can think of – and the good thing is you won’t wear yourself out doing it! You might go mad- but what the hell………..And while it’s hard to tell whether what you’re doing is good bad or indifferent- the trick is to keep going regardless.

writing, it’s pretty
hard to fake

The one thing that does beat scribbling down words though …. Is sitting at a piano searching for that elusive series of notes required to place around the words you’ve written. But that’s restricted to time, place, & mood etc, so can’t be done as easily. And unlike writing, it’s pretty hard to fake like I frequently did in a former life. I used to regularly sit in on work related meetings –and the time flew instead of dragged because most of the time I was trying to write something totally unrelated to the situation/scenario around me.

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