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Long known as the man who can put the icing on the cake within Christchurch’s animation/cartoon world- and just recently the toast of Tasmania (!)…, when he’s not out there decorating delicacies or burning bread, Mr B is unsurpassed when it comes to creating videos that capture the quirky and unique. Multi talented musically to boot… there’s nothing this young man cant do.. check out his website and utube songs now!

                                           B & N Creations has a commercial experience of over 10 years at drawing and designing                                                                                                     illustrations,cartoons,caricatures and logos using the newest flash technology.                                                                                                                                              




                                                                     New Zealand’s Most Efficient Managed Service Provider

     Legend IT is a “kiwi made” service provider that’s owned and operated by legendary kiwis.Forget the rest,Hire the best,Hire a Legend!                                                                                                            

It was Policeman McCruiskeen who noted that “it is very few sicknesses that are not from the teeth”… and that a “case of loose handlebars” is just the beginning of a slow slide south (see pages 58-60 The Third Policeman)…..Well, I’m not sure what he can do with troublesome handlebars but i can speak with certainty that when it comes to handling teething troubles within the IT domain then Legend IT is definitely yer man. or organisation.
Grateful thanks to LEGEND IT for the amzing effort in upgrading/transforming this website.





                                                                        Farming In New Zealand And Around The World                                                                                                                                                            





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