The Band

                                                                                                    The Musicians:


Christchurch’s Clevetown studios is owned and operated by Steve Fowler- who as well as possessing great producing skills- is also a demon guitarist. Jimmy Buffett sings of having “an earful of Patsy Cline”… well… Steve has an earful of “ guitarish goodness” on any given day ( unless something from a bottle has taken revenge) and always manages to capture the sound I want.


                                                                                  Above: at Clevetown. Good stuff happens here.

rehearsal                                                                                    Above: the Clevetown practice room.

                                Below:The other regular leading musical light on many recordings is Christchurch musician/pianist John Bevin.
john-bevin                                                                                  Above: Mark Hobson
Like Steve, there’s not much he can’t do- and together they know many of the best musicians in town,all of whom have been fantastic … Mark Hobson, Backyard Davy…


                                                                                                       Above:Backyard Davey.

                                                                                                       Below:Chris Williams-drums

Kalem Mellon-drums, Mel Hibbert, Tor Sutton, Cassie Baker (all backing vocals), Cathy Irons(violin), Alice Williams(violin),  Nick Gaffney (drums), Mark Hobson (Nice red wine and even nicer soprano, tenor and baritone saxophones!).