Above the Worry Line

Above the Worry Line (c)
Music/lyrics Chas Williams

This about going home and finding nothing has really changed (and nor have some people) over many years..thank God! Hopefully that will never change!
The “phantoms” refers to seeing someone you knew a lifetime ago and they haven’t changed one iota.. only to realise that of course that its a son of…and they don’t know you from Adam!

Above the Worry Line

Some think it’s too damned cold
And just too wet down here
And you won’t find gold
Well… not the kind people wear
Take the train that trackS highway 99
(It’s always there when i close my eyes)
Make sure that you remain above the worry line
Stay with the last train under these skies.

There’s not a lot going on
Away from the crowds and the glare
Changes come.. and they’re gone…
Just like they do.. almost anywhere
And though time steals from you
and tells lies…
And hoodwinks your recall..
It seems that nothing changes
It seems that nothing..

All aboard lets get going’
Ghosts are at my door
Theres no point
In trying to stall anymore

Sax solo

Names and faces go by
Just like they did years before
Thank goodness phantoms don’t die
Or how would we find old Charlton’s store
Yeah time steals from you
And tells lies and..
Hoodwinks your recall… but
It seems that nothing changes
It seems that nothing changes
It seems that nothing changes down here.



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